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EG File Encryption

Version: 1.6

EG File Encryption is a software to encrypt files/folders. This software is easy, simple to use and absolutely free. You can encrypt your important, sensitive files/folders and make safe them from being accessed. Encryption is a best and powerful tool to make the data safe from being accessed. The encrypted files/folders can be renamed, deleted but cannot be accessed.       

Supported OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

File Size: 8 MB

Disk Space Required: 12 MB

Released Versions:

1.6 (Latest version) – Download Link  

1.5 (old version) – Download Links. x64 , x86 , XP 32Bit   

In Version 1.6, following extra features are added,

 (1). File/Folder drag-and-drop Supported-

After entering correct password, either you can select a file/folder from “Select File/Folder” button or you can directly drag-and-drop a file/folder to the window and then the file/folder is selected.

(2). Password hint to rememorize the password-                   

More often users forget their password after a long time and they cannot remember their password. To solve this, we give a password hint option in this version. So when you set or change the password it gives an option for a password hint. You must have to give a minimum two or maximum five characters password hint. So when you forget your password you can rememorize it by the password hint. Please remember that the password and password hint should not be same. Although the software will not show any message in this case, it is on your own risk. Password hint is a reminder of how a password was derived. But it should not be so simple that anyone can guess the password. For example, if the password contains the date of someone`s birthday, one might enter the name (or short name) of the person. However, password hints have to be carefully conceived; otherwise, a non-authorized user might figure it out.  

 (3). Maximize and resize the window-  

After enter the correct password, you can minimize, maximize, move and resize the window. So there is not any problem of resolution. In version 1.5, the windows size is fixed and so some part of the window and even buttons are clipped when we change resolution.                 

(4). Visit website, give feedback, download updates, support us (Donate) and connect with us directly from the software-                  

In this version you can give your feedback, visit our website, check important updates, donate and connect with us directly from the software.


How to install & use EG File Encryption?

Run the setup file and follow the setup instruction. After complete installation, a dialog window will open like below for setting a password:

Enter a password, confirm your password (you can use `Show Password` Checkbox to confirm your password) and enter a password hint of minimum 2 to maximum 5 characters so that you can rememorize the password from it. Click on button Start. After clicking start, your password will be set and you will see like this window:

Then Click Ok button and restart the software from its shortcut on your computer desktop screen.

A dialog box will open to ask your password:

Enter your password and click on `Enter` button. Finally you will see the window where you are able to encrypt/decrypt your files and folders with your password.


Here it is important to understand that the most precious thing is your password. No one can able to decrypt your encrypted files/folders without your password. Although the encrypted files can be deleted or renamed, but impossible to access.


To encrypt: Drag-and-drop a file or folder to the window. Click on encrypt. The encrypted file would be on the same location from where we had selected the file for encryption.

To decrypt: Drag-and-drop the encrypted file/folder (Any encrypted file/folder will always be a file.) to the window.  Click on decrypt. The decrypted file/folder would be on the same location from where we had selected the file for decryption.

In case of folder, there is a zip process before the encryption.

In Option menu, submenu setting provides many options like changing password, encrypting files/folders with their name etc. 


Ø Please read the full license page and must agree with it. If you do not agree with the license, stop using this software.

Ø Note: Any file/folder can be decrypted with just that password when it was used in encryption.  

Ø If you forget your password and also not able to rememorize it from the hint, then we will not be able to help you in any situation.

Ø If someone changes the name of encrypted file/folder then go to settings and uncheck option “Encrypt File Name” and then decrypt the file. In case of folder the decrypted file will be a “zip” file. In this case you have to put the proper extension (extension of the file before the encryption) on the decrypted file.

Ø If you put an extension “.efe” on any file and try to decrypt then it will be decrypted. Now to get the original file you have to encrypt the decrypted file. In this case, keep the option “Encrypt File Name” unchecked.

Ø A file/folder must be accessible before the encryption process else errors may occur.


Encrypted files/folders from “EG File Encryption” can be renamed, deleted but cannot be accessed. To save the encrypted files/folders from being deleted or renamed, we strongly recommend you to use our product “EG FOLDER LOCK”. You can download it for free from Here.

Wish list:

If you like our software or think that it may be useful or want to suggest something about it then you can give your feedback on our website. For further development of the product, please consider to donate us.  

Report a bug:

If you find any bug or an error then you can message us or send email us on egsoftweb@gmail.com. It will be your great contribution to make the software better. Thanks!