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EG Free AntiVirus

Version: 2018

EG Free AntiVirus protects windows PC from viruses, malwares, trozens, malicious threats, unauthorized users and hackers.

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List of Features...

1) Antivirus & Internet Security:  Fast Scanning, Real-Time Protection, Detects over 9 millions viruses, malwares, worms and trozens (including ransomwares, MS Office macro viruses, mobile malwares and other threats). Internet Security with safe-browsing, Scans within archives and compressed files (also protects against archive bombs), Scans Portable Executable (32/64-bit) files compressed or obfuscated, Scans ELF and Mach-O files (both 32- and 64-bit), Scans almost all mail file formats, Scans other special files/formats, Advanced database updater with support for scripted updates, digital signatures and DNS based database version queries.

2) Folder Locker: Lock your important, sensitive Data. Put all your important files, folders, documents, images, videos in a one folder and lock this folder so that it cannot be copied, accessed, renamed and deleted without the correct password. The Locked Folder cannot be accessed from shortcuts, recent documents files/folders, command prompt, changing drive letter, safe mode, booting from another computer via virtual box or other means.

3) File/Folder Encryption: Encrypt/Decrypt your important, sensitive files/folders with Cipher AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and make safe them from being accessed. Encryption is a best and powerful tool to make the data safe from being accessed.

4) USB Mass Storage Blocker: Block/Unblock USB mass storage devices like pen-drives, portable mass storage, external hard disk etc.

5) System Tools Block/Unblock: Block/Unblock Task Manager, Command shell, Registry Editor, Group policy Editor.

6) Encrypted Notepad: Keep safe and password protected your notes, passwords, bookmarks, dream logs, any secret and sensitive text information.

7) Cleaner: Optimize your system, increase memory space and system speed by cleaning junk files like Temporary files/folders, IE Cache, IE Cookies, IE History, Other Browser`s Cache And History, Recycle Bin Contents, IE Address Bar History, Recent Documents History, Run History.

8)  Full System Information: See all your system information including hardware, software, operating system, drivers etc.

9)  Password Protection : Password protection with features like hint password, reset password, old passwords history and Uninstallation protection so that unauthorised users cannot uninstall it.

Supported Platform

Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)

File Size

130 MB (Approx.)

Minimum RAM Requirement


Minimum Disk Space Requirement

512 MB

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Full Details

I.                   Introduction

A.                 Welcome

B.                 Features Overview

C.                 System Requirements

II.                 Getting Started

A.                 How To Install

B.                 EG AntiVirus Administrator 

1.                 Antivirus

a)                  Scanning

(1)               Real-Time Scan

(2)               Custom Scan

(3)               Quick Scan

(4)               Full Scan

b)                 Settings

(1)               Infected Files

(2)               All Files

(3)               Archive Files

(4)               Real-Time Protection

(5)               Updates

(6)               Filters

c)                  Quarantine Folder

2.                 Cleaner

a)                  Temporary Files/Folders

b)                 IE Cache

c)                  IE Cookies

d)                 IE History

e)                 Other Browser’s Cache And History

f)                   Recycle Bin Contents

g)                  IE Address Bar History

h)                 Recent Documents History

i)                    Run History

3.                 Data Security

a)                  Folder Locker

b)                 File/Folder Encryption

c)                  Encrypted Notepad

                    I)                  Make A New ENote

                    II)                Open An ENote

                    III)              Save An ENote

4.                 System Tools Block/Unblock

a)                  Block/Unblock Command Shell Window

b)                 Block/Unblock Services Window

c)                  Block/Unblock Task Manager Window

d)                 Block/Unblock Group Policy Editor Window

e)                 Block/Unblock Registry Editor Window

 f)                  Block/Unblock USB Mass Storage

C.                 Password

1.                 Password Reset

2.                 Password Hint

3.                 Password History

D.                EG AntiVirus Tray

1.                 Update

a)                  Download Software Updates

b)                 Update Virus Signature Database

2.                 View

a)                  System Information

b)                 Registration Status

c)                  Old Password History

E.                  How To Uninstall

III.               Key & Registration

A.                  How to get key

B.                 How to register

IV.              Help And Support

A.                 Feedback

B.                 About Us

C.                 Contact Us

Latest Updates:

A golden & gray theme is applied for a new attractive look.

Resolution is improved.

Now EG Antivirus is absolutely a freeware product.