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EG Free Antivirus 2018              

EG Antivirus Tray:

EG Antivirus Tray runs under every logged in user account. It doesn't require administrator permission to run. The Red Arrow representing the tray icon of egavtray.exe. When the icon color is yellow it means the virus signature database is not updated. When the color is red it means Real-Time Protection is off. When it is updated it will see in green color.

Red Arrow is representing tray icon of EGAV Tray Window

This picture is showing EGAV Tray Right Click Menu

EG Free Antivirus Tray Window

EGAV Tray Right Click Menu Options:

1) Open Window: To restore egav tray window.

2) Download Updates: To download latest software updates.

3) Visit Website: To visit our website

4) Exit All: To exit all including services, all applications related EG antivirus. It requires master password to perform this action. To run all services and applications again just run EGAV Admin Window.