EG Free Antivirus 2018              


PC frameworks convey most critical and individual documents and files, turn into a important factor to secure it and it's information with a decent antivirus program. EG Antivirus is a freeware and lightweight antivirus program that have the capacity to ensure PC constant and removes any malware from the system with negligible asset utilize.

EG Antivirus runs in the background and actively scans your computer system constantly for viruses and other malicious threats, for the entire duration that your system is powered on, unless exit by you. It monitors all system activity and automatically scans files which have been downloaded from the Internet or through e-mail. With all features of antivirus (including Custom Scan, Quick Scan, Full Scan, Real-Time Protection and Custom Settings) it also provides miscellaneous security features like Folder Locker, Data Encryption, System Tools block/unblock, Encrypted Notepad, Cleaner etc.

Using folder locker and data encryption you can secure your sensitive data on your pc. System tools block/unblock can keep your pc safe from executing unwanted tasks by hackers and unauthorized users. Encrypted notepad can be used to protect your notes, passwords, bookmarks, dreamlogs, any secret text and sensitive information that you want to keep safe quickly. Cleaner increases memory space and optimize your system. It speed up your system and protect your online privacy. EG Antivitus can only be controlled by administrator, so necessary settings, sensitive data are protected with the administrator password and Master password.