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EG Free Antivirus 2018              

Quarantine Folder:

“Quarantine” is a function of antivirus software that isolates infected files on a computer's hard disk. Files put in quarantine are no longer capable of infecting their hosting system. The normal way to deal with an infected file is for the antivirus software to ruthlessly delete it. That's good. In fact, the antivirus software may not only ruthlessly delete the infected file, but also obliterate it so that no portion of the file exists anywhere on your PC’s storage system. That's a good thing. A quarantined file isn't deleted. It shows signs of infection, but by being in quarantine, the file has no opportunity to infect your computer.

After the completion of a scan, the following task can be done from quarantine folder when infected files are detected,

  1. Delete: Infected files can be deleted.
  2. Restore: Infected files can be restored.
  3. Delete All: All infected files can be deleted with single click.
  4. Clear list: When infected files are deleted or restored, it shows the action performed on them. Now to clear it you can clear list.